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About us

GTC+ believes in a world in which everyone has access to tasty, healthy and sustainably produced food and the most beautiful and sustainably produced ornamental plants. With a green and responsible approach we connect people and companies to realize innovation and growth. We do this by making horticultural knowledge and resources accessible worldwide and by combining digitization and personalization to trigger emotions and put words into action. Everything we do today contributes to a greener and more sustainable world of tomorrow.

With more than 150 years of combined experience, GTC+ supports companies in the agricultural and horticultural sector to become more innovative, sustainable and successful. We use our expertise and global network to innovate companies on a strategic, tactical and operational level and to make it greener and more profitable. With the individual talents, expertise, ambitions, leadership and entrepreneurship of our partners, we support each other and contribute to the development of our customers. Our areas of expertise are certification, import & export, change and project management, marketing & sales, business development and innovation. Together we make the world a little greener every day.