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Assignment Malcolm

We can confirm that Malcolm Catlin MCIHort has been appointed as Project Director of Plant Healthy Limited in the UK. He will work closely with Defra (the relevant government department) and the other partner organisations of the Plant Health Alliance, overseeing the development and promotion of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme which is designed to minimise the risk of introducing and spreading damaging pests and diseases.
The challenge is to continue to deliver a robust programme that maintains and raises plant health standards across as much of the horticulture and forestry sectors as possible, in a way that is accessible, practical and make good business sense. The Plant Health Alliance is in a unique position to cover all these sectors, whilst the Plant Healthy scheme provides the necessary support and recognises best practice.
Whilst this is currently a UK scheme, the principles are applicable anywhere. Given the international nature of the trade in plants, there is clearly scope over time to extend its potential by working in partnership with other exporting countries.

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