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Moniek van de PutGTC plussen in 4 kleuren


At GTC+ I want to be an anchor point for clients, and I have a clear mission: to clarify. I do not shy away from that, because I know how to clearly set out business insights from my work history; I also know the issues that entrepreneurs face in the green market.

It is my drive to quickly discover, deepen, interpret and then rationalise such issues into a clear solution. I would like to help entrepreneurs and managers to improve their business, where I don't just look at the financial result. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from employee satisfaction and job satisfaction. My colleagues say that complex matters such as logistics, general management, organisation, planning, staff, communication and coaching, become transparent in my hands - apparent chaos gets structure and processes are streamlined.

I clearly state choices, possibilities and decisions that everyone understands. GTC+ knows what it is like to work for large and small organisations. Thanks in part to the experience that I have built up as managing director at my own family business, J. van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling BV, I am able to apply my thinking to a maximum number of entrepreneurs and organisations. This requires empathy, decisiveness, a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture and a pragmatic attitude. In short, I stand for results.

Do you want to exchange ideas? I’d be happy to make time for you, free of obligation.