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Malcolm Catlin

I have worked in horticulture for 30 years, running my own mail order business, in technical and commercial roles for a leading supplier to multiple and online retailers and more recently self-employed, as Floreus Horticulture Consultancy.  Based in the UK, I have been a frequent visitor to growers, packers and factories in other European countries, especially in the Netherlands.

My experience has covered the full chain from breeders and growers to wholesale suppliers and retailers; supplier selection and approval; range selection and crop inspection; technical team management and quality management systems; audit compliance and quality improvement; plant health procedures; and ethical and sustainability reporting and improvement.

I am also Chair of the Eastern Branch of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture in the UK.

I am very happy to have joined the GTC+ team and be able to contribute to their work on the many exciting challenges and opportunities that exist in modern horticulture.

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