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How to measure sustainability?

The Sustainable Development Goals set the agenda for 2030, but little progress has been made. The number of them can seem overwhelming, but lack of action is no longer an option. Retailers and those in the supply are demanding evidence of action and measurement of progress. In the past these same retailers may have had limited ranges of more ‘sustainable’ products but now they too realise this is not enough to address the Climate Emergency. Tesco, Kaufland, Aldi, Carrefour and others are setting their sights higher and obtaining outside endorsement for their ambition and progress.

Science Based Targets (SBTi) is one initially for carbon, but expanding more widely to cover pollution, land use change, water and biodiversity. Taking carbon as one example, companies submit their plans to deliver their contribution towards no more 1.5degC increase in temperature increase. These plans are independently assessed and given endorsement if acceptable.

There are many different measurement tools for fresh produce and floriculture to measure carbon, waste, biodiversity, water and land use change. This can seem overwhelming and deciding on the right method is difficult. GTC+ have experience with different tools and methods and can assist to find the right option from large organisations to smaller family companies.

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