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Greenhouse project Tungsram

One of the most obvious directions in agriculture is to grow more and more in controlled environments like greenhouses. Everything comes together: technology and data can lead to completely controlled and very sustainable production environments for food.

GTC+ is now involved in multiple greenhouse projects. One project particularly jumps out: The cooperation with Tungsram in Central European Greenfield projects. Tungsram’s Agritech division’s aim is to offer world-class quality LED lighting and smart-solutions to growers and farmers for use in their precision indoor farming operations. Agritech Tungsram

Dr. Ferenc Pongrácz, who is Chief Innovation Officer at Tungsram: “GTC+ helps us to bridge the networks of the highly sophisticated Dutch Horticultural world and the upcoming areas in Hungary and other Central European countries. They bring the know-how but also the access to the right people so that the combined forces can run successful projects”.

We believe with our collective know how at GTC+ in the industry, whether it’s new growing technologies, the supplychain, sustainability, logistics or marketing that we can challenge you!, As we like to be pushed to think out of the box, explore and venture new horizons! Feel free to contact us or come over for a cup of coffee and let’s explore them together!

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