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From Sustainability to ‘Proven Sustainability’

At GTC+ we try to help our customers – in the horticulture or greenhouse industry – with multiple topics. Our services are mainly focused around three disciplines: Supply chain optimization (Including Logistics), Quality management and Management support.

We noticed that whenever there is a desire to optimize the supply chain, the ‘because it’s cheaper’ credo no longer plays an important role in our customer’s and their stakeholders eyes. It is not because of the money involved, but more and more because they no longer accept unnecessary steps in the supply chain and because companies want to be agile, be able to react immediately on demand.

This means that companies start to compare supply chains on all their merits. Including the CO2 footprint, shelf life, cost, complexity and risks.  We are discovering that the supply chain optimization is therefore most of the time a “sustainability optimization”.

In the past, When we were working on quality management, we were often working on either the ‘social impact’ of things, the ‘environmental impact’ or the ‘economical impact’. Nowadays this is no longer the acceptable practice. We now notice the ‘integrated impact’ is the real thing, since companies need to react on all kinds of potential risks (again: agility).

The logical combination of focusing on avoiding the risks and being agile is, that companies have to show continuous improvement instead of just once a year an audit. Collecting and analyzing Data is therefore becoming even more important and real impact is crucial. Sustainability is moving to a continuous “Proven Sustainability”

Also in our role, we feel that when we are supporting managements to improve their’ business, this is no longer as an advisor offering advice, but it is becoming a part of the approach and the solutions. In this, we are integrated in the process and take a more sustainability-centric approach.  GTC+ wants to help companies grow into a “Proven Sustainability”  company.

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