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Workshop CSRD 

How can you prepare your organisation for CSRD? 

Sustainability is rapidly becoming more and more an important factor for (doing) business. Transparency and Continuous Improvement will be the new standard. 

The European Commission introduced a new regulation: the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This will require attention and capacity from the various organisations that will fall under this legislation and the preparation time before the first report has to be ready is relatively short. Besides that, it not only concerns the individual organisations that have to report, but also all the companies in their entire supply chain (up and down stream). 

In the horticultural sector many organisations are not aware of the impact of this new regulation, struggle how to get started with the preparation and implementation and how this regulation interferes with other regulations, initiatives and sector ambitions.  

GTC+ has developed a workshop to give you better insight into what CSRD is, what the impact is for your organization and how to get started. We will also explain the background of this regulation and the coherence between all the current sustainability sector ambitions, market demand, initiatives and regulations and how these can work for you to comply with CSRD and to become a sustainable organisation. 

After this workshop you will know: 

  • Overview of all major sustainability horticultural sector ambitions, market demands, initiatives and regulations. 
  • Background and coherence of these ambitions, initiatives and regulations. 
  • Working method of the CSRD in general. 
  • Do I have to comply with CSRD and when? 
  • Insight in the impact of the CSRD on your organisation 
  • Environmental and social key factors for horticulture 
  • How to get started 
  • Terms & Definitions 

Practical Information: 

  • This is an On-line workshop, it will be organised with the help of Microsoft Teams 
  • The costs of this workshop are €100,- excluding VAT per person. This can be paid via an Invoice. 
  • There are two Dates:  
  1. Starting at 10:00 AM  – until 12:30 on March 2nd – workshop in English
  2. Starting at 10:00 AM  – until 12:30 on March 3rd – workshop in Dutch

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