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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

GTC+ kan klanten helpen met onder andere:

  • Het voorbereiden van uw bedrijf op (verplichte) rapportage behoeften.
  • Verbetering op alle gebieden van milieu- en sociale impact-categorie├źn.
  • Het laten werken van (duurzame) data voor je onderneming!
  • Het voor u organiseren van de benodigde partnerships.
  • Uw bedrijf voorbereiden op certificering

Referentie klanten:

The Stichting(Foundation) RHP is the international expert and quality mark for growing media. RHP wants to work towards an improved sustainable position in the future for the RHP organization and the RHP standards & services. At the beginning of 2022, a renewed vision and strategy was set up for this purpose, which clearly shows that sustainability will be a spearhead for the coming years. GTC+ supports RHP in strengthening RHP’s international position, make the organization more sustainable and setting up a standard for Responsibly Produced Coir.

Greenhouse Marketeers combines its knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment and Marketing with their passion for sustainability, to help companies in the horticultural sector to make a positive impact. The services of Greenhouse Marketeers contain a unique offer of measuring environmental impact (footprint via a LCA tool) and improving & propagating sustainability. GTC+ supports Greenhouse Marketers in improving their international market position