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Supply Chain Challenges in the “Covid Era”

It’s in times of crisis that humans never cease to be amazing, where one sees doom, another opportunity, where one loses another will gain. Sometimes it even seems to be unfair in way the crisis pendulum swings. But has fairness or luck anything to do with managing your crisis? Or are we victims of our own habit of quickly getting comfortable being uncomfortable? Is daily routine and euphoria that when things are OK that they will remain as such?
We have seen amazing creativity these last 2 years under this “Covid era”, it’s a rollercoaster and uncertain how long it will take to experience the true impact and its consequences.

The crisis is pushing us to think out of the box, expand our networks, explore and form new alliances, knock on previously locked doors in an effort to adapt to change and that’s exactly what we do at GTC plus.
Our sector, the #horticulture sector is now coming under pressure again, both the enormous growth in global #nonperishable online trade and the lack of human global travel have reduced the #airfreight capacity that we are all so dependent on, not to mention the rates per kg even if the capacity is there.

Our peak period, is now under question, for the first time in its history, will we be able to distribute all our #flowers for the upcoming #Valentine’s Day period? Currently neither the rates nor the capacity is known, maybe a week or two before the first dispatches depart will it be known. This just an example from a subjective perspective, which can be applied across the board in all sectors.
Awareness across the whole chain, from producer to consumer is key….that things are just not the same as before.

We all believe that things will eventually work out this #Valentine and maybe they will, if so we should not fall back into getting comfortable being uncomfortable again, this is a wake-up call to push new boundaries, think out of the box, expand new networks and knock on those closed doors, explore #seafreight, sustainability, logistic efficiency, cool chain and technology as these are all terms being thrown about more frequently these days.  

We believe with our collective know how at GTC+ in the industry, whether it’s the #supplychain#sustainability#logistics, marketing or #newgrowingtechnologies that we can challenge you!, As we like to be pushed to think out of the box, explore and venture new horizons!
2022 is a new year for new opportunities amongst the new challenges, we look forward to the new year. Feel free to contact us or come over for a cup of coffee and let’s explore them together…

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