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Ronald van den BreevaartGTC plussen in 4 kleuren


To grow in floriculture, it is essential that we build bridges. For me this is the starting point. And to build bridges, we must be able to work well together and know the sector inside out. With my broad network I can help parties find each other and thereby make new connections. It is not in my nature to offer standard, flatpack ideas. Standard solutions create standard results and that’s not worth our time and effort.

Knowledge in the field of sustainability and fair trade is an example of this. Long before it became popular, I studied this theme and realised certification is an important aspect to gain authority and legitimacy in the market.

I don't just think about rules and procedures as this means nothing in isolation. Sales are also therefore one of my passions. Ultimately, I want to connect the cash register and the greenhouse to each other and work together so that all links in the chain receive a decent reward for their activities. Positivity is my driving force; it gives me a lot of energy, so working hard is no problem. I am only satisfied when the assignment is finished with a plus. Moreover, the goal is that we have fun along the way.

Do you want to exchange ideas? I’d be happy to make time for you, free of obligation.