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Store or Use data?

From hunters and gatherers, from cows and tubers in times far behind us, to the current time when we are hunting for the right information and we collect and store gigabytes of data.

The real hunters and gatherers, who used all parts of the loot and nothing was thrown away, that is very different nowadays. Now we have an overkill of information and most of the data is stored pointlessly in energy-guzzling data centers.

What will be the future of the different data in the horticulture? The expectation is that a lot of data will be used to present transparency in the field of environment and people to the world and to show that we really do turn green.

But actually all that data was once intended to take Quality management 4.0 further, only we strayed from it with ISO 9001 2015 and its risk management Nevertheless, we could get more out of data. Let's use the buckets of data to improve internal processes.

The specialists of the GTC+ team are more than happy to think along with you.

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