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Merthus Bezemer

Plastic in de sierteelt

Wanneer het onderwerp verduurzaming in de sierteelt aan de orde komt gaat het meestal over zaken als de hoeveelheid energie (gas) die er wordt verbruikt in de sector, het gebruik van chemicaliën plus meststoffen en de hoeveelheid plastic die er rondgaat in de sierteelt. Merkwaardigerwijs is het antwoord op de hoeveelheid plastic meestal ‘recycling’ van plastic en zelden ‘vervangen door… Lees verder »Plastic in de sierteelt

Greenhouse project Tungsram

One of the most obvious directions in agriculture is to grow more and more in controlled environments like greenhouses. Everything comes together: technology and data can lead to completely controlled and very sustainable production environments for food. GTC+ is now involved in multiple greenhouse projects. One project particularly jumps out: The cooperation with Tungsram in Central European Greenfield projects. Tungsram’s… Lees verder »Greenhouse project Tungsram

From Sustainability to ‘Proven Sustainability’

At GTC+ we try to help our customers – in the horticulture or greenhouse industry – with multiple topics. Our services are mainly focused around three disciplines: Supply chain optimization (Including Logistics), Quality management and Management support. We noticed that whenever there is a desire to optimize the supply chain, the ‘because it’s cheaper’ credo no longer plays an important… Lees verder »From Sustainability to ‘Proven Sustainability’